ANAHEIM — The city plans to erect 30-foot-high Craftsman-style monuments at key points to let visitors know they
have entered Anaheim’s first protected historic district.
Distinctive concrete markers planned for the downtown Anaheim Colony district are likely to include such touches as a
grapevine relief extending up the side of a fluted concrete column topped by an alabaster lamp.
The Craftsman style, epitomized by the California bungalow, emphasizes natural materials such as wood and stone,
rounded and simple shapes, decorative elements that emphasize nature, and handwork.
“The light will shine down on the monument and light it up,” said Mike Tucker, who lives in a 1915 bungalow on Zeyn
Tucker was among a group of residents who spurred creation of a historic district in 1997 that encompasses the
boundaries of the Anaheim colony founded in 1857.
The monuments are being designed by artist Richard Turner, who is also at work on a city veterans memorial.
The city hopes to build historic-district monuments on newly landscaped medians at four major intersections: Anaheim
Boulevard at North and South streets, and Lincoln Avenue at East and West streets. Officials hope to install smaller
monuments at pedestrian entrances to the district.
The city has budgeted $300,000 for the project, slated to be finished next year.