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Carlos Antique Hardware & Locksmith
620 S. La Brea
Los Angeles, CA

An Anaheim Colony resident writes:

My husband and I were in Los Angeles on one of our “salvage” runs looking for old hardware for two new
craftsman doors (Ganahl Lumber sold us two beauties) for our son’s bungalow duplex on Center Street.  The
salvage yard could not help us with the locks but referred us to Carlos Antique Hardware & Locksmith.

This young man not only had a great collection of old door hardware, but was exceptionally knowledgeable
about door hardware workings and was able to repair the one we had taken to Los Angeles making it work like
a charm.
We took two more locks up to him last week and he just called to say they are ready.  We also found his prices
to be very reasonable
Another neighbor writes of Carlos:
On our salvage yard run to LA on Saturday for house parts for the Broadway 4 plex, we visited our favorite
locksmith/magician for old lock repair and hardware/lighting for vintage homes.  Carlos is a young man and
after just 2 1/2 years with his own business he has amassed a decent inventory of old house hardware
Classic Accents
P.O. Box 1181
Southgate, MI  48195
Push button light switches, picture hanging accessories, etc.
An Anaheim Colony resident writes:
Call the for a catalog.  This is the only place we have found that carries the old style push button light switches.
As we paint a room, we replace the ‘flip’ switches and plastic plates with old style push button switches and
heavy brass covers.
They also sell push button dimmer switches and push button 3 way switches.  We have ordered from them twice
and have good luck both times.
The switches are much more expensive than the new ones you would get from Home Depot, but we were able to
get enough to replace all of the switches and covers in our house for about $250
Liz’s Antique Hardware
453 South La Brea
Los Angeles, CA  90036
Original hardware circa 1850 to 1950 for doors, windows, furniture, curtains, lighting, etc.