Alfred Magallon, Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Repair
Anaheim, CA  92805

Phone: 714-931-9073
An Anaheim Colony resident writes:
Alfredo lives in Downtown Anaheim in a Mills Act home.  He has worked on many houses all over southern
California and works for a hardwood floor company.  He is one of the nicest businessmen I have met.  He has a
superb attitude, is honest, and very respectful.  His workmanship is top quality and a quick email to owners of
old homes in Anaheim will come back with excellent references.  Your floors will love his gentle touch.
Kenny Brader
949-786-9233 or (949) 689-0414
An Anaheim Colony resident writes:
Kenny Brader did a terrific job refinishing our 85+ year old oak floors.  They specialize in old homes and did a
great job replacing a few worn out thresholds.  They’re been in business for over 25 years and his crew is very
neat, clean, and easy to work with.  Also, they’re licensed & insured and have an office in Brea .  They were
referred to us by the Pirts where they refinished their restoration project.
Rug & Carpet Cleaning Art Works
909-260-2091 Cell
Pick up and delivery rug cleaning.  “I can highly recommend him,” – Keith Olesen
Steve Goodyear / Roseville Designs
508 W. Chestnut St.
Anaheim, CA  92805
Since 1974.
Richard Zele
An Anaheim Colony resident writes:
Richard just did the floors in the Dickel House for the new owners and they are thrilled.
Central Hardwood Floors
An Anaheim Colony resident wrote:
I have had very good luck with Lek from Central Hardwood Floors.  I am scheduling him for some work right
now. He is really “on it”, and I recommend him highly.  I got his name from Meghan, who was happy with him
too. His cell phone is 714-225-6618.  Good luck!
Jim Schwanke
12221 Movius Drive
Garden Grove, CA  92640
Over 40 years of experience in hardwood floor refinishing.
Carlisle Restoration Lumber
Carlisle Restoration Lumber
1676 Route 9
Stoddard, New Hampshire
Country Floors / Country Tiles
8735 Melrose Avenue|
West Hollywood, CA
Established in 1964, Country Floors is recognized as a premier source of tiles, terra cotta and stone — both for
floors and walls.  They specialize in handcrafted, decorative, traditional and contemporary art tiles, antiqued
and tumbled marble, limestone, travertine, mosaics, majolica, terra cotta floors, architectural elements,
mouldings, and glazed floor tiles.