Jim Carr
562 715-8250
“Edgar and I have used the services of Jim Carr for cement work on numerous projects.  He has built a front
porch floor on a bungalow, done several driveways, and did the hardscape on our fourplex on Broadway and
Clementine (kitty cornered from the post office).  Jim is to cement as Alfredo is to hardwood floors, and Edgar
(my husband) is to doors and windows.  All of these men work within their chosen medium with spectacular
outcomes.  You are welcome to check out the hardscape on the Broadway parking lot or the porch at 1124-1126
W. Center for proof of Jim’s expertise or call me.  He knows the importance of historic preservation and his
work was approved for the rebate program by City staff.” – Barbara G.
Juan Carreto
Lic #764656
“We’ve used him a couple time with great results.” – Ron E.
Juan Vasquez
17241 Keelson Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
I’ve used Juan Vasquez for several projects, including a new slab in front of our garage, some river rock bases
for columns, river rock on the side of our garage, and a small planter/retaining wall (an item several other
concrete guys wouldn’t even bid on).  Everything he’s done for us has been great.  He was also the most
reasonable in price of the several people we talked to.  The other weird thing is that things were cleaner after
he was done pouring cement than when before he started.  – Keith Olesen
Abatron, Inc.
5501 95th Avenue
Kenosha, WI  53144
Abatron is the prominent developer and manufacturer of wood consolidates and substitutes in the U.S.A.  Its
unprecedented LiquidWood (wood consolidates) and WoodEpox (adhesive wood-replacement paste) have been
adopted by the Government for restoration of historical buildings and by architects and restoration
professionals nationwide for all kinds of structures, windows, furniture, stairs , artwork, etc.