Two teams of horses from the  Anaheim Truck and Transfer Co.

August Langenberger was Anaheim’s first merchant, establishing a general store in 1858 when the first vineyards were being planted.  Langenberger was the son-in-law of Juan Pacifico Ontiveros – the rancher who sold the original Anaheim townsite to German colonists.
The two story adobe general store built in 1858 – on Lincoln Avenue between Lemon Street and Anaheim Boulevard – also
served as a post office, Wells Fargo depot, hotel, restaurant, bar and home for the Langenberger family.  After having built a
home for his family to live in, the adobe building was demolished in 1875 and replaced with a brick structure.
Fargo-451x253LangHome-286x252               Langenberger Residence, c. 1885
Wells Fargo & Co. Building, southwest corner of Center                                August and Clemntina Langenberger
and Lemon Streets, built by August Langenberger in 1875,                                           are seated on the bench.
demolished 1925.
A German native, Langenberger emigrated to the United States in 1846.  He joined the California gold rush two years later
before heading south to Anaheim in 1850.
Langenberger remarried after his wife died, naming a city street – Clementine – after his new bride, Clementina.