Around 1870, Joseph Bennerscheidt established a business at the corner of Clementine and Center Streets.  It was
called Benner Sheet Metal Works.
Bennerscheidt was a tinsmith who made buckets and metal containers.  (One of the copper buckets made in 1892 is on
display at the
Anaheim History Room , located at the entrance to the Muzeo).
Bennerscheidt also had a hardware business.  His son and grandson carried on the family business and are located at
2871 East La Cresta.
In 1872 the Anaheim Truck and Transfer Company was
Truck2-400x253 established.  At first the company used horses to pull
freight in wagons. Later, trucks were used.
Charles A. Pearson was the owner for many years.  He
 later became mayor and has a park named after him.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Two teams of horses from the
Anaheim Truck and Transfer Co.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
In 1894, Fred Pressel started a blacksmith shop on West Center
Street.  The family continued with a welding business on West Santa
Ana Street.       
The first telephones came to Anaheim in 1895.  Sunset Telephone and Telegraph Company installed a switchboard in a
building on Center Street.  In 1899, the first telephone directory was published.  Out of the 1,456 residents in Anaheim,
35 had phone service. Some listed in the directory were:
Anaheim Bakery
Anaheim Brewery
Anaheim Gazette
Backs, Joseph – Furniture Dealer and Undertaker
Peerless Saloon – August Freise
Rust, C.O. Mft Wines and Brandies                                                                         Fred Pressel’s Blacksmith shop,
c. 1895

Wisser, Roman – Favorite Saloon