As a fair illustration of the fact that Anaheim is growing more beautiful each day we show one of the many handsome houses
recently completed in the Holcomb tract.
This is the home of Mr. Robert Rimpau, one of Anaheim’s enterprising young business men. It is situated at the corner of Zeyn
and Sycamore streets, and was designed and built by Chas. Trudeau, of East South Street.
This home, of the Aeroplane Bungalow type, contains seven rooms and bath, the two sleeping rooms being on the second floor
where, with ample casement windows, they revel in sunshine and fresh air.
The lower floor contains a beautiful double living room with wide French doors leading out on the wide cement porch and
pergola. It is finished in all the rare beauties of slash grain Oregon pine, showing not only the beauties of the wood but also the
art of the expert wood finisher in matching the grain and fitting it as well as the splendid finish of the master painter.
The dining room is a thing to marvel at, set off from the rest of the house by wide French doors, and with its wide panels
extending nearly to the ceiling and a wide buffet replete with French plate mirrors, art glass and wide shelves.
The striking features of this home are its attractive wide porches and pergolas and its roominess and completeness in every
detail within. Its wide front door, finished in Juana Costa mahogany, its odd plate glass windows, its immaculate kitchen are
examples of the skill of the designer and builder.

The Gibbs Lumber company of this city furnished the lumber for this handsome house.