Tim Shigo
Licensed tile contractor
Specializing in restoration, period appropriate design ideas, custom stone and mosaics.
Coastline Tile & Accents
(949) 973-4084 or (949) 289-6155
Contractor’s lic. #741462
“They’ve done an outstanding job for us on our kitchen restoration project and we heard about them from Ivan
and Kathy.  They were pleased so we gave them a try and the were amazingly flexible, clean and conscientious.
Two brothers own the business for 20 years+, and do their own work. ;-)” The Gartens
Dan Fergusen
An Anaheim Colony Resident wrote of Dan’s work:
Come see his work in our new bathroom – don’t even look anywhere else!
Native Tile and Ceramics
2317 Border Avenue
Torrance, CA  90501
Handmade decorative tile of Mission, Craftsman and Deco styles. Inspired by the Batchelder, Malibu and
Catalina tile companies.
Specializes in custom designs and glazes.
Lew Zucker / Transform Reglazing
An Anaheim Colony Resident writes:
We have used Transform Reglazing on 5 projects for bath sinks, bathtubs, ceramic wall surrounds, and kitchen
counters and sinks.  They do a very good job with the caveat that refinishing has its limitations in wear and
durability. Some jobs last 5-7 years and others, less.  For the price and for those situations where replacing the
fixture or the tile is not feasible, refinishing works.
Tile Restoration Center
3511 Interlake North
Seattle, WA  98103
Their designs from Mayan, Medieval and Pacific themes exemplify the charm and muted colors of the Arts and
Crafts tradition. They closely resemble the work of Ernest Batchelder, well-known California tile maker of the
early twentieth century
Of particular use in Bungalow and Craftsman homes are the carved relief decos, flat tile, and trim pieces.
These are available as stock ware, or can serve as a starting point in developing custom tile for clients desiring
original work.