Allen and Sons Appliance Repair Company
Antique Stoves
10826 Venice Blvd., #108
Culver City
(310) 287-1910
General Appliance Refinishing
8622 Darby Ave
Northridge, Ca 91325
Ask for Emmett or Lisa
General Appliance Refinishing restores porcelain finishes on old stoves and paints refrigerators.
SAVON Appliance
2925 Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
phone: 818-843-4840 or 818-843-4908
An Anaheim Colony Resident Writes:
I found a place in Burbank which buys/sells/repairs vintage ovens such as O’Keefe and Merit and Gaffers &
Staffer, among others.  My husband and I went down to look at what they had and found the staff very
knowledgeable about the history of these stoves and very helpful in getting parts and options on restoration.
We have a 1940’s Gaffers & Stafer stove which had the typical problem of broken oven spring.  Unlike other
advice I’d been given before, I was told that the springs were $8 and were not that hard to replace ourselves or
they’d send one of their people out to do it for us for a small fee.  In the end we had someone come out and do
the springs, tune the burners and generally tune the oven up.  They also had other parts we were missing such
as the kick plate and a burner knob and prices were really reasonable.  They also do re-chroming and
enameling and will pick up and return.  They had several stoves our age and older in really beautiful condition
(recondition) for those looking for vintage.
We did have several false starts on getting the guy to come out – it was someone’s nephew who did this work on
the side after hours – but in the end we got a stove which works better than it has in 15 years and it cost us less
than $200 including parts.  I was told that it was worth $3,700 restored, and to fully restore ours including
pickup and delivery would be $1,600.  I’m so glad that I convinced my husband to not toss it out and replace it
with something modern.
They also have a website with pictures.
Vintage Stoves
219 East 46th Street
San Bernardino, CA 92404
(909) 475-9729
Elmire Stove Works
A great selection of retro appliances.
NDP Appliances, Etc.
25408 Baseline
San Bernardino, California
Lots of old appliances and parts.
Good Time Stoves
Good Time Stove Company
Box 306
Goshen, MA  01032-0306
(888) 282-7506
Each stove has been carefully and expertly returned to the efficiency and splendor of yesteryear by master
stovesmith Stove Black Richardson.
During his 25 years in the business StoveBlack has established a reputation for providing quality stoves and
restorations with an unyielding attention to detail.
Antique Stoves and the Old Appliance Club
410 Fleming Road
Tekonsha, MI
Museum Quality Stoves from 1750-1950
Macy’s Texas Stoveworks
5515 Almeda Road
Houston, Texas
Restored antique and classic ranges. They provide parts and services for vintage stoves and ranges.
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An Anaheim Colony resident writes:
Another Anaheim Colony resident says:
” I have used Carolina’s Antique Appliances for my 50’s GE refrigerator.  I know they refurbish stoves too.
These people are amazing, honest and I would do business again with them anytime.  They used to have their
appliances in a space in Orange, I do not think they do now.  When I had to have my frige worked on, he brought
me a loaner, FREE!!!  Totally cool people.”  – PJ C.
An Anaheim Colony resident writes:
Carolina’s Antique Appliances
934 S. Atlantic Blvd.
East Los Angeles, CA  90022
(714) 771-4050 or (323) 780-2810